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Hi I'm Julie, the insatiable swinger girl next door. How did a nice girl get so naughty? It didn't happen overnight, but I've always been open-minded when it came to sex and nudity. I was brought up in the midwest, in an extended family household. Many of my relatives were progressive thinkers, I guess you could say they had "hippie ideals". We spent as much time outdoors as possible, and were taught to be comfortable with our bodies. Sex was never discussed as something dirty or embarrassing. As a teenager it was a little confusing to find out that everyone didn't think as openly about sexuality. But I was determined to find my own way even if it made me different. I did a lot of sexual experimentation with boys and girls. By the time I hit twenty one I had determined I wasn't going to be happy in a monogamous relationship, I loved sex with men and women equally, and I had to find a partner who could accept it. When I decided to go back to college part time, I started dancing in a "gentleman's club" to pay the bills and have some fun. Little did I know I would find Jon working there. Ok, so I swore I wouldn't give him any until the 3rd date...but we wound up fucking all night the first time we went out. I know, I'm bad. I can't help it. But I don't regret it one bit, it was the best sex ever! Jon was creative, caring, and just as horny as me. After a couple of months things started to get serious between us. Sitting in the car after a Valentine's Day date Jon started off, "You know how I feel about you, but I have to tell you something. Honestly, I don't think I can be faithful to one person for the rest of my life." I could tell he had been thinking about how to word this just right. He looked up at me with a little grimace on his face, expecting me to freak out. I couldn't help it, though, I was laughing! "What?! And I CAN??" I blurted out with a giggle. We were both cracking up now. The week after our little revelation, Jon started leaving porn magazines and personal ads for swingers at my apartment. My mental impression of swinging was something out of those 70's "key parties". But when I checked out the ads there were some hot, young couples in our area. I was shocked and excited! That night in bed I was stroking Jon's cock and coyly asked him, "Tell me, do you want to see me stroke another guy's cock like this?" He looked down at me and said, "Why not see him fucking you from behind while you stroke my cock and I lick his wife's pussy?" Um, Yes!! We fantasized like this for weeks and then one night Jon came home from work and asked me if I wanted to go to a swingers club that night. Of course I did! We got in the car and picked up a friend and his new girl to take with us. I had never met her before, and she was insanely sexy. Auburn hair, tight little body with full breasts and ass. I was picturing her naked before she even got into the car! When we got to the club we did a little mingling, but it was clear the only thing the four of us wanted to do was run upstairs and get naked together. It wasn't long before we were in a private room and I had my face buried in her sweet pussy while she sucked her guy's cock and Jon fingered my clit from behind. It was everything I had dreamed about! A few months later we visited another swing club, further from our house. It was a daytime party and everyone was hanging out by the pool. We started a conversation with a woman and her husband. When I asked her what she did for a living she said, "I'm a housewife. But once in a while I sign into this website where I get naked and play with myself and guys come in and watch." Whoa! I was blown away. She looked like a conservative suburban housewife, but she had this incredible secret life. We talked all afternoon about it, I wanted to know more. I had just gotten my first computer and was curious to see this site. When Jon and I got home the first thing we did was look it up. And there, in our livingroom, were 600 girls live from their bedrooms. We could ask them to get naked, or play with their pussies, anything! We could hear them moan and talk dirty to us. I looked at Jon and said, "I have to try this!" The next day we ran out and bought a webcam and I was naked online, for the whole world to see! Soon I was addicted. Everytime Jon would leave the house to go to work I was on the computer, dressing up in little costumes or skimpy lingerie. I would log in and talk to guys, girls, couples from all over the world. We had the same thing in common: we all wanted to cum! Sometimes I would cum for 6 or 7 hours straight, playing with all my online lovers. Some of them asked me for pictures or little videoclips of me in certain outfits, or telling them how badly I wanted them to fuck me. I went out and bought a digital camera and camcorder. Jon thought this was so cool. He was filming everything, he even wanted to film us having sex! At first I was nervous about it. But it was also a huge turn on. He would film me masturbating with my toys, or giving him a blowjob, or me licking my girlfriend's pussy, or even some of our swinging orgies. It wasn't long before we had a giant box full of tapes and cds with video and pictures. I couldn't believe what a little slut I was, all this footage of me fucking! Yeah, I loved it haha! As much as I loved doing the live webcam shows on a big site with thousands of other girls, I craved a space of my own. Now that I had all these pictures and video I felt like I could do a site of my own. And make it something fun, creative, and sexy. A place for me to meet up for live camshows with members and take their requests. They could even make requests for pictures and videos they would like to see. Plus I could take my love of webcam shows even further and set up voyeur cams all over my house. Something about being watched 24/7 makes me so wet! Now I have all of that, on my personal website! I hope you come check out all my free pictures and videos. I catch all my hottest hardcore experiences on camera to share with you. It's grown into a huge collection! If you enjoy this taste of the action I hope you will join me inside the members area so we can play live on my interactive webcam. See you there.

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