To escape the heat and humidity of Chicago summers, Kelli and I love to go down to my friend Brian's boat. Sometimes we just hang out at the dock and have some drinks and jump in the water. But a lot of the time we'll drive the boat out and anchor it off of Oak Street Beach or the big bend in Lake Shore Drive. Its especially fun on a weekday, you can play hooky and watch the people on their lunch breaks or bustling around in their suits and heels...while we're out there sipping a drink in our g string bikinis!! Woo hoo!

Well, you know Kelli and I. After a couple of cool drinks in the summer heat, we're up for ANYTHING! And if we're both horny? Watch out! We love knowing that people from the shoreline can see us naked, kissing, licking each other’s pussies. So hot! This particular day we were feeling nasty. As soon as we were out on the water we were licking each other, pulling at the strings on our bikinis.

It was so hot that day that Kelli decided to pour her bottle of water over us, it had been chilled and was so refreshing on our naked skin. We worked our way out of those tiny bikinis, with me stopping at her big hard nipples to take a lick. Soon I felt Kelli’s hot tongue over my nipples, working her way down to my pussy. We both leaned back to take off our bottoms and open our pink slits wide. What a view!

I wanted to taste her cum, and I could see by the look in Kelli’s eyes that she was dying to feel me shudder with orgasm. Lucky me, I got to lick her first. Kelli’s clit swollen and ready in my mouth, I flicked my tongue over her clit as I held her thick pussy lips open. She was crying out, knowing no one could hear her on the open water. Her whole body rocked as she came on my face. Mmm yum. But we weren’t done - it was my turn!

Kelli’s expert tongue moved over my clit, I was so ready for this! It must have been only a minute or two before I knew the climax was close. I needed to fucking cum! “Oooo god yes Kelli!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as my pussy exploded in orgasm. Hopefully some of the businessmen in those office buildings have a telescope...I like to think we brighten the workdays of stroking executives across the Chicago shoreline.

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