Today I had an insatiable thirst for a hot batch of cum all over my face. Seriously! I couldn’t think of anything but taking a thick gooey load across my mouth and licking it all up. My craving for man juice was overwhelming! When Jon noticed I was distracted, he asked what I was thinking of. “Your cum splattered all over me, it’s all I can think of,” I admitted. “I think that can be arranged,” Jon smiled.

I could tell I was going to get a nice deep fucking out of this little arrangement. And I couldn’t wait for it! Sitting on the couch facing Jon’s crotch, I started to pull off his shorts. I was imagining getting his cock all hard for me as I tugged at the buckle of the belt and unzipped him. As the shorts fell to the ground I teased his dick through the thin cloth of his underwear. Jon’s prick was starting to swell.

We shared a soft, passionate kiss as Jon lifted my shirt off. I wasn’t about to let go of his manhood, though. I stroked at it through his thin cotton briefs until Jon couldn’t wait to get me naked. He knelt down behind me, pulling at my skirt until my ass peeked out of the top. As my tiny skirt fell to the ground, Jon rubbed my butt – he can’t get enough of asses! My tits needed some attention too, so I turned around and leaned forward, pushing my nipple directly into Jon’s mouth.

This foreplay was great and all, but what I really wanted was cum, damnit! “Let me at that cock, baby!” I said to Jon as I pulled off his underwear and took his meat into my mouth. Mmm it was already getting hard when I took it between my lips and started to suck hard. Every inch was swelling up on my tongue. Back and forth I stroked the shaft of his rod with my hand as I sucked. Jon’s dick was so fucking hard now!

As I had suspected, he wasn’t going to let me suck his cum out without fucking me. Jon bent me over the couch, my butt high in the air as he guided his prick into my wet hole. His dick already jamming into my pussy, I loved the way Jon grabbed at my ass as he pounded me. Over and over he slammed his cock into me, fucking me furiously. “I want to taste my juices on you” I said, gasping for air.

Jon pulled his cock out of my wet cunt as I flipped over to suck it. I love the taste of my pussy over his hard rod. As I lay there across the couch, he pushed my legs up in the air and lowered that rock hard prick to my slippery slit. With my feet on his chest, Jon slammed himself into me. I couldn’t contain myself long, I screamed out in orgasm as my pussy twitched from the inside out. He must have felt my hot little cunt quiver; it sent Jon over the edge. He pulled his long prick out of my pussy and moved up to my face. Within seconds he erupted in squirt after squirt of cum. His cock high in the air over my face, I watched the rain of sperm drop down on my cheeks and lips. It was rolling down my face in thick streams and I was loving every moment!

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