You remember my good friend Allie right? I've told you about how much I love to lick her sweet little pussy. Well, I told my girlfriend Kelli about it and she was jealous. Kelli wanted in on the action too! Especially after I showed her the pictures and video I had of Allie and I kissing and going down on each other. Kelli told me she had fantasized about all three of us together for a week. So I gave Allie a call and asked her when she was planning on being in Las Vegas. She said next month, we were all so excited!

We thought it would be fun to start off with a little shopping trip to get everyone acquainted. I could tell right away that Allie and Kelli were thinking nasty thoughts about each other, they kept looking each other's bodies up and down while they talked. We found some really cute things shopping, including these adorable frilly pink bikinis. We thought they might make a big commotion at Allie's hotel pool so we all bought one. Look out Treasure Island here we come!

When we all got back to Allie's room we were so horny! We decided to try on some of our clothes, but I think it was really just an excuse to see each other naked haha! We put on our matching bikinis to show Jake and he gave us a definite thumbs up. He thought we were so pretty he should take a picture. Well, first we were just mugging for the camera, looking cute. But you know me. Cute doesn't last very long before it becomes naughty. My top was the first to come off. Then Kelli said she needed to see Allie's nice big tits. Off with the top! But we couldn't leave Kelli out, so her bikini top came off too. It was a boob buffet! We couldn't help licking and sucking each other's soft tits. And there is nothing better than a three girl kiss. Three soft, wet tongues sliding together, yum.

I had to get another taste of Allie's sweet pussy. I laid down on the bed and asked her to sit on my face. She was happy to! I started licking her clit and sticking my tongue right inside her to taste her juices. Just as delicious as I remembered! But soon Kelli was jealous, she wanted to get nasty too! She walked over to my bag and pulled out our favorite strap-on. It's a big thick pink one. She stepped into it and I pushed my ass up in the air waiting to feel her huge dick while I kept licking and sucking Allie's slit. Mmmm, Kelli pushed her plastic cock into my hole slow and deep at first. Nice long strokes. I was moaning and sucking Allie's clit at the same time. She said it felt so good to feel the vibration.

Kelli didn't keep things slow and easy for long. She was looking right at Allie when she grabbed my ass and hips and started going faster and harder, sliding her big dick in and out of my juicy pussy. You could hear how wet I was on that dildo as it slid in and out. I could feel the ridges of it passing through me and it was so good! Kelli was pounding away on my tight hole by now, the girl fucked like a guy it was incredible! Allie was moaning so loud, and I was trying to concentrate on licking her clit but Kelli's fucking was feeling so good I was afraid I was doing a bad job licking Allie's juicy slit. But before I knew it Allie was crying out, "Yes, yes, Oh god I'm cummmmming!!" at the top of her lungs. This made Kelli's cock pounding even harder.

I had to pull my mouth off Allie's sweet juicy box and said in a low growl, "fuck yes, fuck me hard Kelli, you want me to cum all over that dick don't you?" She wanted me to ride her cowgirl style to cum on her rubber dick. I straddled over Kelli and slid her cock into me. Allie decided it was time for Kelli to taste her wet pussy and knelt right over Kelli's face. I was so close to cumming and Kelli knew it. She said, "That's right cum on my cock nasty girl." That sent me over the edge and my hot pussy started to pulse in orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!" was all I could manage to say as I climaxed so hard! It was a fantastic day and I can't wait to do them all over again!

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