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I love it when this happens: an impromptu sex set :-) This one was taken in the living room of my friend's house. It was me, Jon, my friend and his girlfriend. We were all sitting on the couch watching TV and my friend's girlfriend started asking questions about my site - what I do on it, how the pictures and video are taken, etc. After a while of talking about it I finally said, "How about I just show you?" And went to the trunk of my car where my camera was. She was up for playing photographer, and Jon was up for it for sure!

As I pulled down my pants and pulled up my top to expose my breasts. Our photographer looked a little shocked at first, but she put the camera up to her face and started snapping away. I took of Jon's pants and started sucking his cock right there in the chair. Her face was getting all pink, it kind of turned me on to shock her! Jon was getting good and hard now, grabbing the back of my head to get his dick deep in my throat. "I want to show her how we fuck" I said as I turned over into doggie style.

I looked right at our female photographer. Her mouth was open as Jon pushed the head of his prick into my pussy. I couldn't help but moan loud and deep. All of a sudden she spoke up, "I would love to see you guys flip over so I can see Julie's face." Holy shit that was hot!! Jon looked shocked and turned on at the same time. I turned over in the chair and he bent his knees to get his dick nice and deep in my wet little cunt. He held my feet in his hands as he slammed his long cock into me. Fucking me SO hard now!

"Do you want to see her tits bounce when she rides me?" Jon asked our friend after a few minutes. "Oooh yeah" she said and moved the camera in closer. Jon sat in the chair now and I climbed on top. Easing my way down the shaft of his rod, I was so turned on looking at our conservative friend snapping pictures. I rode Jon hard and fast. I imagined her in her bed later that night, rubbing her clit and thinking of us fucking right in front of her. It was so hot I knew it would make me cum. Slamming my pussy down on Jon's cock, I had my ass slapping against him now. "Fuck!" I screamed, "Fuck, oh god, yes, yes, yes, I'm cummmmmmmming!!" Jon grabbed my tits and held me against him while I came hard.

I hadn't even caught my breath when he said, "Flip over babe I want to cum on your face!" I guess the excitement had been too much for him too! Jon stood up as I sat in the chair and opened my mouth for him. Our "vanilla" photographer friend came in closer with the camera. Hmm, maybe she secretly wanted a taste?? ;-) Jon stroked his long dick and breathed hard, "Here it cummmmms!" he said as white cum exploded from his cock. It flew out across my face in a long stream. Mmmm yum. I licked up every drop as our friend kept snapping pictures.

We have a feeling our friend is still thinking about this day. I wonder if we'll ever see her secret sex pictures???

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