Naughty allie

Naughty julie

You guys can probably tell by the lower quality of the pictures that these were some of the first nude photos we took. We had received an inexpensive digital camera for Christmas and decided to do some naughty pictures for our scrapbook. We love to take sexy or explicit photos of each other, its hot to look back later and remember the amazing sex you had that day. Especially if you were fulfilling a personal fantasy.

On this day I decided to tease Jon with one of his favorite fantasies - the naughty librarian. When he was in high school there was a really hot girl who worked in the school library. He said she was conservative, but something about her made him think she was wild behind closed doors. She wore little suit dresses and glasses, very professional. But one day he asked her to help him find a research book for his history paper.

As he crouched down to check one of the lower shelves for the book, she got up on a little stepstool to check the highest row of books. Glancing up at her, he could see all the way up the back of her legs to her ass. She had on thigh high stockings with lace tops, and even though it was too dark to see all the way to her ass, he was pretty sure she had on thong panties! He jerked off to thoughts of her for years!

This gave me the idea to recreate his fantasy scene for him. I found a little conservative business suit and thigh highs and wore my hair up with my glasses. Of course, as you can see, I'm not a conservative girl. If I were a librarian I'd get in a lot of trouble letting guys look up my skirt in the stacks of books!

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