Ok, Ok so you probably know me well enough by now to know that I'll get naughty ANYWHERE!! Hehe! But I've had a lot of requests from members for pictures of me shaving. So today I hopped in the shower and told Jon to bring his camera. I got the shower really hot and stepped in. Mmm, the feeling of warm water on my body always relaxes me - and gets me a horny too! Then I lathered my pussy with shaving cream and pulled out the razor. Taking extra time to shave every bit of my lips clean, I realized all this hot water and shaving had made me really frisky!

But what would I get off with? There weren't any toys handy, and Jon was too busy snapping pictures with his camera. "Hmm" I thought "What about the handle end of this razor?" Crazy right? Yep, that's me, crazy for orgasms!

First I pushed the ridged handle into my pussy. I liked the bumps on the handle, stimulating and filling my tight, juicy hole. But my ass was feeling left out! Pulling the razor out of my slit, it was soaking wet. I worked the tip into my ass. Mmm yeah those ridges were just like the feeling of my anal beads.

Who knew showering could get this DIRTY??? ;-)

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