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I had seen Nikki Jackson online before and always thought she was amazingly hot. But one day in Vegas I ran into Nikki in a nightclub. She was dressed to kill and was even sexier in person than in her pictures! I was a little buzzed, and probably more direct than I normally would be. I told her how sexy I thought she was and asked if she would like to go someplace a little quieter so that we could to get to know each other better. To my surprise Nikki said, "Sure, would you like to come over to my place?" You know I didn't need to think twice about her offer!

Nikki's has a rockin body and as you can see she has the most incredible set of tits! Before I knew it we were both naked with our hands all over each other. Kissing, caressing nipples and legs and clits and asses. Between the drinks in my system and the hot, furious tongue fucking going on - it was all a blur of tits, ass, and cum in my mind.

The next day when I looked at these pictures it brought back the memory of her sweet pussy. Nikki is definitely one fine piece of ass that I hope I soon have the pleasure of fucking again. In fact I think I’m going to call her right now and see if she has any plans for the weekend. Maybe this time I’ll invite her over to my place where I’ll have a strap-on waiting for her!

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