Our good friends Jake and Allie came to visit our place in Vegas recently. We were so excited to have them here! When they first arrived they had been on a long flight and Jake was a little tired. I told him he could take a nap in our bedroom while Allie, Jon and I hung out on the couch. We tried to be quiet while we all had a drink and caught up with the small talk. After a while I had to tell Allie that I loved watching one of her videos with Jake. I admitted to her that right before they came I had watched them fucking while I played with my toys. My pussy had cum so hard watching Jake's big dick pound her!

Jon laughed and said, "I can't believe you told her that!" But Allie's face lit up and she had this evil, sexy little grin. She said, "Wanna see it right now?" You know I did!! I jumped out of my seat on the couch and said, "Let's go!" Jake was fast asleep on our bed when Allie and I walked in. But we didn't feel guilty about waking him up! We walked right over and started shaking him a little, telling him it was time to "rise and shine" haha! I'm sure you can imagine, he woke right up with a bulge in his pajama pants!

Allie and I were kissing and taking each other's clothes off, teasing Jake the whole time. I told him I wanted to see his thick cock fill up her pussy so bad! Soon we were all naked and I needed to taste Allie's juices. She started sucking Jake's dick while I ran my tongue up and down her lips and over her swollen clit. She was so wet! And delicious! My mind was racing, thinking of how I could get an up close view of Jake slamming into this sweet pink slit.

Allie wanted to taste my pussy too, so we got into a 69 while Jake slipped his cock into her. Oh it was perfect! Allie soft tongue and lips on my clit and Jake pounding away at her wet hole while I licked up their juices. This was my dream come true! Jake was thrusting so hard and fast that soon he needed a rest and Allie said she wanted to ride him. It was so hot to watch her mount him and start to bounce up and down on his stiff dick!

Jake recovered quickly and I wanted Allie's mouth back on my pussy so we all switched positions, me on my back with an amazing view of her licking me and Jake fucking Allie from behind. Her ass looked so good in doggie and she was licking my clit perfectly, I could feel my body tensing, wanting to explode in orgasm. I was moaning so loud, "Oh god yes fuck her, harder, you're going to make me cum!" Jake was grabbing her ass, pulling her hips up against his cock while I was grind my hips in circles on Allie's face. "Oh, yes, yes, I'm cumming!!" I screamed out. It must have been too much for him, me screaming and Allie's tight pussy wrapped around his dick. Jake pulled his cock out and squirted a huge load of cum over Allie's ass and back. Some of it even shot all the way to the back of her head!! It was incredible!

I can't wait until Jake and Allie come visit again. I have a feeling it will be soon!

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