Our landlord informed us that he would have painters coming in to do the back wall of our apartment this week. I didn't think anything of it, except that I had to hide the porn and dildos! Most of the days I would come home from class late in the evening and wouldn't even see the guys in the apartment. But yesterday I came home just in time to see the two painters leaving. Oh my god! It was a father and son team, and the son was SO HOT!

Right after they left my mind got to racing, thinking of all the ways I could try to seduce him. I dressed up in one of my cute little outfits, hoping he would have forgotten something and come back for it. Instead, the door opened and it was Jon. He walked in and said "Wow, sexy outfit babe!" I had to admit it wasn't for him, that I was hoping the painter stud came back. "Oh really?" Jon said, "What would you do if I came in here and caught you blowing the painter boy?" What the hell kind of question was that? "Invite you to bring your big dick over here so I could pleasure both of you, of course!!" I said.

You know how Jon is about his camera. He's a pervert and he knows it, loves to catch every nasty thing we do in pictures and video. So I wasn't surprised when he reached for his camera and said, "Why don't you stand over there by their dropcloths and show me how you would get him to fuck you?"

What do you think, would this sexy striptease and toy fuck convince the painter boy to fuck me deep and hard - just how I need it??

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