My girlfriend’s husband and I snuck away for a little time alone during our trip to Florida. Jake and I found ourselves alone on the balcony and may have gotten a little carried away. I hope Nicolette didn’t mind me using her man for his dick! She knows she can use my boy anytime she likes ;-) In defense of Jake and I, the steamy weather makes us very horny. And the thrill of being outdoors and fucking? Who can resist?

Opening Jake’s shorts, I crouched down and unleashed his hard dick. Mmm what a tasty sight! I had to get my lips wrapped around that hard pole. As he leaned against the balcony’s railing, I sucked his dick deep into my mouth. Teasing at the head with my flicking tongue and slipping below to suck his full balls. I couldn’t help but think of all the gooey cum waiting for me there.

Jake wanted a taste of my pussy while I continued to blow him. And you know I love a 69! He rested back on a lounge chair and I climbed over his face. My lips were already moist with excitement. But his tongue over my clit had a gush of juices running out of me. It was hard to concentrate on sucking his dick as I got closer and closer to exploding. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore.

With a quick grinding of my hips over his face, I came hard and loud. I’m sure people on other balconies could hear my intense pleasure! But I was past caring. And Jake’s prick was more than ready to fuck. Bending over the lounge chair, I invited him to push his dick into my pussy. Jake grabbed my hips and slid in slow and steady. I loved the feeling of each inch of his swollen cock slipping inside me.

But he wasn’t going to keep things slow for long! Jake braced himself against the sliding glass door and proceeded to give my cunt the pounding it had been craving. Fuck yes! I was screaming out now. And talking so nasty, telling him exactly how I wanted him to slam into my dripping hole. It felt so good I couldn’t wait any longer. Another blaring orgasm had my legs shaking and pussy lips convulsing. Lucky for me, Jake wasn’t finished with me yet. He had me flip over and lay back on the chair. It was a good thing, because I was still dizzy from the last climax! But Jake was still going strong, bending his knees to hammer into me. Holding my legs, he took complete control and fucked me silly. Just how I like it ;-) I liked it SO much that he had me cumming again in no time.

Three orgasms for me, it was only fair that Jake got a big one himself. He relaxed on the outdoor chaise and I knelt on the ground to suck him to completion. I was determined to get a great big batch of cum out of his talented dick. Bobbing my head up and down, I sucked so hard and fast. As my reward, Jake tensed up and his legs started to shake. Oh yeah, I could feel it building. And a stream of cum showered my mouth and chin. Thick and sticky, I licked up every drop.

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