You know when I spend a few days with Allie and Jake, we’re going to spend the majority of our time rolling around in bed together. I can’t help myself, between Allie’s big tits and Jake’s swollen cock it’s like a little slice of heaven for this cum slut ;-) This particular evening we had decided to stay in and relax. Allie and I were lounging in our robes, curled up in bed.

Jake wanted to remember the moment with a few pictures. I thought those pics might turn out better if I turned and gave Allie a nice wet kiss, or maybe a lick to her perky nipples. Allie said she was starting to get wet already and spread her legs so I could feel it. Before my fingers even touched her slit I could see she was all juicy. It brought a big smile to my face. Teasing Jake with his wife’s tasty snatch, I opened her lips with my fingers.

He dove right in, handing me the camera so I could snap pictures of him licking her clit. I knew these were going to be masturbation pics for me for a long time to come! The sound of Allie’s deep moans had me creamy under my robe as I snapped the pictures. When Allie took Jake’s dick in her mouth and sucked it deep, I knew I couldn’t take much more without getting in on the action myself.

I handed the camera off to Jake and said, “Switch!” as I climbed into bed with Allie. She was anxious to give my pussy a good tongue fucking. Stretching across the bed, Allie licking and sucking my gooey wet cunt, I couldn’t believe things could get better. That is, until Jake walked up and started fucking Allie from behind. They are too hot! We passed the camera off to Allie for her turn as photographer and I moved my way down to Jake’s dick.

It was hard as a rock and still dripping with Allie’s pussy juices. Yummmm! Nothing like a stiff cock that takes like pussy, talk about the best of both worlds! I took Jake’s prick into my mouth, drooling on it and stroking the shaft with my hands. Allie took picture after picture, she loved watching me suck her man’s rod right in front of her. She told Jake he should give me a good, hard fucking.

Jake was more than happy to oblige. His dick filled my tight hole nice and deep. Jake pounded his stiff meat into my pussy over and over. I was cumming over his cock so quickly! I can’t handle it when I feel a dick deep inside me, thrusting and pumping into my slit, the intensity has me climaxing in minutes. I love it! Jake loved it too. He pulled his prick out of me as it erupted in a HUGE load of cum.

Buckets of man juice rained down on me! It was all over my stomach, my tits, neck, face, even in my hair!! We joked that it looked like the hair gel scene from the movie “Something About Mary”. Only it felt much better.

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