The warmth of summer is finally here! I love the heat, and boating on the Chicago shoreline is spectacular! I decided to wear my barely-there thong bikini out my friend's boat and work on my tan lines.

The sun felt so good on my skin that soon I was stripping out of my bikini right in front of those tall office buildings. We were laughing at the people jogging, walking, and driving along Chicago's Lake Shore Drive - some of them HAD to see me getting butt naked so near the shore!

The heat on my skin and fresh air was making me feel like an animal, like I couldn't control myself - the chance that I would get caught, or seen by people was intoxicating! I just didn't care who saw anymore - I had to grab at my tits and my pussy. I was dripping wet and out of control. Being cooped up inside all winter had made me wild out in the summer sun! If you look closely in these pictures you'll see a tall building with a blue roof, kind of an old style of architecture. I've been told this is the old Playboy Chicago building...don't you think Hef would be proud?

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