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You can tell that these are a few more of the first nude pictures I ever took. It was with our first cheap digital camera. Jon was so excited to get a digital camera that he started snapping pictures right away. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of my first naughty pictures!

I loved the way the sun would move across the floor, streaming through our skylights at the Loft. In the morning, waking up, I would watch it creep slowly across while trying to drift back to sleep. This particular morning I woke up and knew right away I wanted to get off in that slow, sexy sun! I had bought a new outfit, a little pink bikini. I figured I would see how it looked in the full-length mirror. It was so cute!

I checked it from every angle to see what the thong bikini bottom looked like on my ass, or how my cleavage would look in the top as I leaned forward. But the sun would feel much better over my skin if I were naked. Leaning against the wall and laying across the wood floor, I took of my top while slowly caressing my breasts and stomach. All the way down to my crotch, where I eased the panties down my legs. Laying back, stretching out in that warm morning sun with my tits and pussy exposed to it, I was so relaxed.

I stretched my arms out and arched my back, opening my legs and letting the heat hit my dripping slit. Being naked was getting me horny this morning! I was going to have to show Jon exactly how I wanted him to fuck me. Pulling my legs up I flashed him my full pussy and ass. What a tease! I looked up at him with a sultry stare and invited him to join me in the hot morning sun. We didn’t get to catch all our action on camera back then, but we’ve perfected it by now ;-)

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