The first time I got together with pornstar Monica Mayhem she decided to torture me with a little domination. This time around we kept things soft and sensual. Monica's soft lips felt amazing, I could have kissed her for days. She moved them down onto my tits, where my nipples immediately swelled to her mouth. She licked and sucked them for such a long time, I thought I would cum from the excitement.

But I wanted her naked for me too. Sitting up, I worked her out of her pretty lingerie. Monica's tight, tanned body is irresistable. I had to run my tongue along her legs and ass, all the way to her pussy lips. They were as sweet as I remembered. Her hole is tight and so wet.

Monica insisted I lay back, "It's your turn this time." She moved down to my pussy, which was throbbing by now. She teased me, her hot breath over my clit. This was agony, I was dying to feel her tongue on me, it had been too long! Looking up at me with her big blue eyes, Monica lowered her tongue onto my clit. I thought I would instantly cum! She had me worked into a sensitive frenzy. My pussy was a juicy mess under her experienced tongue.

But Monica wasn't done yet. She had my pink double dildo hiding under the pillow!! Sneaky girl :-) Pushing the toy deep into my wet cunt, Monica clearly had one thing on her mind. And that was making me cum! She thrust the plastic cock into my pussy as deep as it would go. God it felt so good! Grabbing the other end of the toy, she started pounding it deep and hard. "Fuck yes, fuck me Monica, oh my god!! I'm cumming!!!" I screamed out. "Oh yeah, cum for me" she said.

As I lay there catching my breath Monica leaned over and kissed me deeply. It was so sweet, tender. "I need to taste your cum" she smiled, and pulled the toy from my pussy to bring it to her lips. I can't wait to see Monica and her hot lips again!

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